Profile - O.A.P. Records

The Sound


O.A.P. Records distinguishes itself through a direct, transparent and refined sound.
The groupsound of the band in combination with the atmosphere and spirit of the musicians are reflected in the recordings.

The goal is to give the listener the feeling of being present at the performance of the music.
All productions are artistic, unique and timeless.
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The Recording Technique


The recording process in the O.A.P. Studio is done with the utmost care.
O.A.P. Records challenges its self to approach the reality of the music as closely as possible.
Recording producer and sound engineer Barry Olthof has been responsible for the realization and recording of many CD albums, resulting in an extensive set of recordings in various musical styles.

His company Olthof Audio Productions, launched in 1998, is known for its recordings that sound direct, transparent and refined. For this reason many artists, bands and ensembles choose to record with Olthof Audio Productions (O.A.P.).

He is also a musician who began playing jazz-drums professionally at early age and studied ‘Art of Sound’ and Jazz drums at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, graduating cum laude in both with masters degrees in 1998.
From 2000 to 2015 he was a teacher in recording techniques of the study ‘Art of Sound’ at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.
Since 2007 Barry Olthof is responsible for his own record label O.A.P. Records.

The label is inspired by the drive to work with national and international musicians to make top quality recordings in the fields of Jazz and World Music.
Barry has worked for nearly 25 years as an free-lance sound engineer and recorded more than 100 CD albums for many labels and artists.
For O.A.P. Records he recorded and produced 44 albums at this moment.


The Artists


The international artists contracted by O.A.P. Records distinguishes themselves through extraordinary talent and a high ambition.
They have mastered the art of playing in musical balance while keeping an individual recognisable sound.
Furthermore, O.A.P. Records gives young talent a chance to prove themselves.

Here an overview from all musicians who recorded at O.A.P. Records.
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A / G
Jaejin Ahn, Ambrose Akinmusire, Susanne Alt, Thomas Winther Andersen, Francesco Angiuli, Søren Ballegaard, David Barker, Gavin Barras, Rob van Bavel, Sebastiaan van Bavel, Ruben Bekx, Marc Bischoff, Menno de Boer, Patrieck Bonnet, Victor de Boo, Leo Bouwmeester, Hans Braber, Don Braden, Nanouck Brassers, René ten Cate, Teddy Charles, Johan Clement, Randal Corsen, Thijs Cuppen, Rugile Daujotaite, Sanne van Delft, Francesco De Rubeis, Wouter van Deventer, Lucas Dols, Maciej Domaradzki, Emanuel Donadelli, Marek Dorcik, Nina Ebbenhout, Ulrich Elbracht, Richie Elia, Harry Emmery, John Engels, Noa Eyl, Joe Farnsworth, Denis Fattori, Laurence Fish, Andreas Fryland, Giampiero Girolamo, Rein Godefroy, Alex Gorbi, Thorsten Grau, Alexandra Grimal, Atilla Gyarfas,
H / M
Scott Hamilton, Owen Hart Jr., Cord Heineking, Bart van Helsdingen, Vincent Herring, Frans van der Hoeven, Remco Hofman, Blichta Hoopman, Andor Horvath, Nout Ingen Housz, Jimmi Hunting, Eric Ineke, Carmine Ioanna, Tilmar Junius, Mark de Jong, Kees Kamphuis, Bas Kisjes, Gerrie van der Klei, Jurriaan de Kok, Anatoli Kotchebine, Anka Koziel, Rob van Kreeveld, Frits Landesbergen, Jens Larsen, Mike LeDonne, Philippe Lemm, Leonard Leutscher, Stefan Lievestro, Marc Lohr, Kalevi Louhivuori, Dani Luca, David Lukacs, Paul Maassen, Harold Mabern, Hans Mantel, Hanna Marieke, Nuno Torres Marques, Christof May, Olaf Meijer, Jan Menu, Timo Menkveld, Mathijs Mens, Jacopo Mezzanotti, Stanislav Mitrovic, Tuur Moens, Afra Mussawisade,
N / R
Yaniv Nachum, Vera Naus, Teus Nobel, Matheus Nicolaiewsky, Peter Nieuwerf, Guy Nikkels, Genzo Okabe, Barry Olthof, Martien Oster, Mick Paauwe, Frank Paavo, Betty Pietersz, Ferdinand Povel, Luciano Poli, Jeen Rabs, Oriol Roca, Miguel Rodriguez, Maurits Roes, Robert Rook, Bob Roos, Gerardo Rosales, Gina Rosa,
S / Z
Ruben Samama, Sandro Savino, Julian Schaffer, Joost van Schaik, Marzio Scholten, Carla Schrijner, Jan Schröder, Max Sergeant, Daeyeon Shin, Rui Silva, Yvonne Smeets, Jasper Soffers, Jasper Somsen, Brice Soniano, Iman Spaargaren, Juraj Stanik, Reno Steba, Kenny Talkowski, Francesca Tandoi, Joris Teepe, Pauline Terlouw, Remi Troost, Andy Valkenburg, Hendrik Vanattenhoven, Michal Vanoucek, Marijn van de Ven, Jan Verwey, Anthony Villirius, Bokkie Vink, Floris van der Vlugt, Jan Voogd, Harald Walkate, Caspar van Wijk, Willem van Wijngaarden, Walter Wolff, Peter Wenk, Tom van der Zaal, Steven Willem Zwanink.