Gerrie van der Klei – Lovers & Friends


Singer Gerrie van der Klei could have written her memoirs, but chose to make an album. What a joy. For ‘Lovers & Friends’ gives a better picture of life than hundred pages could. Love and love lost, happiness that becomes memory, life that seems to rhyme but just doesn’t.
The actress-singer-musicalstar sings that lifestory in ballads, with ‘Scotch and soda’ – playing herself the ukulele from her youth – as a musical smile in between. Topnotch songs from the international repertory, with a caressing delivery that touches the heart of them. Moving in the way she makes words and music completely her own: ‘In the wee small hours’, Lennonn & McCarthy’s ‘In my life’ – which marked her television debut in 1967 – ‘The best of times’, dedicated to her great love, big band leader and physician Boy Edgar (deceased 1980), a Sinatra-song like ‘Empty tables’, Strayhorns ‘Lush life’.
Gerrie van der Klei is accompanied by topmusicians from the Dutch jazz scene with a superior feeling for the ‘whats’ and ‘wheres’ in a song, ideally contributing to this warm and poignant life in music.

Format: CD (digipack). Line-up 1* Gerrie van der Klei - Vocals, Martien Oster - Guitar, Jasper Soffers – Piano & Hammond Organ, Harry Emmery – Bass, Jan Menu – Baritone Saxophone, John Engels – Drums, Line-up 2** Gerrie van der Klei – Vocals & Ukulele, Peter Nieuwerf – Guitar, Rob van Kreeveld - Piano, Jan Voogd – Bass, Ferdinand Povel - Tenor Saxophone, John Engels – Drums, Credits: Produced by O.A.P. Records, Producer & Sound Engineer: Barry Olthof, Co-produced by Gerrie van der Klei, Graphic Design: Vincent Steinmetz, Cover portrait: Ray Edgar, Photography: Vincent Steinmetz and others, Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The Wedgeview Studio, Woerdense Verlaat, The Netherlands, October 2011 (line-up 1) and November 2011 (line-up 2), Mixed by Barry Olthof at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, December 2011, Mastered by Maria Triana at Battery mastering Studios, New York, USA, January 2012, Release date: 5 March 2012, Catalog Nr: OAPR1201, EAN-code: 8714835091172, All rights reserved.

Gerrie van der Klei - Lovers & Friends