Remco Hofman Quartet – Mellow Jazzy Moods


Jazz has a thousand faces. From uptight, playful to spectacular. The jazz that the Remco Hofman Quartet presents on this CD goes for another feeling: subtle, mellifluous, without any hectics. The English language has a label for it: ‘fireplace music’.

Music that one can bring home to enjoy tranquilly with a glass of wine in front of that open fire. It starts at the quartets home, the Netherlands, with composer Rogier van Otterloo’s hitsong ‘Dat mistige rooie beest’ (That misty reddish animal) from the movie ‘Turkish delight’, made famous by Toots Thielemans.
You can’t miss the joyful pleasure in the way pianist Hofman chooses his notes here. The second solo voice in his quartet is guitar player Ron Lezer, remarkably versatile. He colours, brings deep warmth and can ‘sing’ on his instrument. Moreover two songs in which guest-trumpetteer Victor Borkent adds an important voice to the quartet: in ‘My funny Valentine’ and in a surprising version of ‘Summertime’.
Jazz with an almost romantic approach, with lyricism and emotions, but always swinging. Driven and supported by the precisely dosed rhythms of drummer Barry Olthof and bassist Willem van Wijngaarden.

Format: CD (digipack). Line-up: Remco Hofman – Piano, Ron Lezer – Guitar, Willem van Wijngaarden – Double Bass, Barry Olthof - Drums, Special guest: Victor Borkent - Trumpet. Credits: Produced by O.A.P. Records, Producer & Sound Engineer: Barry Olthof, Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at the O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, on 9 & 24 November 2022. Mixed and mastered at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, 9 January 2023. Liner notes: Bert Jansma, Additional mastering by Maria Triana, Graphic Design: O.A.P. Graphics. Release date: 24 January 2023, Catalog Nr: OAPR2301, EAN-code: 8714835179771, All rights reserved.

Remco Hofman Quartet - Mellow Jazzy Moods