Orion Ensemble – Touched by Orion, A wonderful world (Out of stock!)

A CD with music from a mysterious world, varied in style, unlimited as for time and country. Timeless music people will always feel attracted to, in all sorts of forms. The Orion Ensemble derives its name from the mythological figure Orion, the seeker for beauty and ultimate love, who, according to tradition, was eventually immortalized in a particular constellation in the sky.
The music ‘touched’ by the Orion Ensemble on this cd has a particular form as well.

Would it ever have occurred to jazztrumpeter Louis Armstrong that his song What a wonderful world would be performed in an elaborate form for piano-trio? Or to Glenn Miller that his Moonlight Serenade for big band would also sound as jazzy and smooth in a strength without the wind section?

The Orion Ensemble arranged all kinds of highlights for the strength of the classical piano-trio: violin, cello and piano, resulting in this cd. A melancholy world full of music in which Glenn Miller, Sergej Rachmaninoff, Astor Piazzolla and John Williams excel side by side. The common factor in these compositions is melancholy, a positive sadness which may arise from the wonder and awe one feels for nature, for a human life, for beautiful music, for art in general.

Format: CD (digipack). Line up: Pauline Terlouw - Violin, Carla Schrijner - Cello, Leonard Leutscher - Piano, Produced by O.A.P. Records, Producer and Engineer: Barry Olthof, Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The Fieldwork Studio, Schoten, Belgium, Mixed and mastered at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, Graphic Design: Wim Wepster, Photography: Diederik Leutscher, Release date: 28 April 2008, Cat. Nr: OAPR801, EAN-code: 9789079333011, All rights reserved.

Orion Ensemble - Touched by Orion, A wonderful world (Out of stock!)